Do you have a lot of energey or just like sports? Well if so, you should try lacrosse! It involes A LOT of running! You will need:                                                                           List                                                                                                                                              goggles  (to protect your eyes)                                                                                                                                   lacrosse stick (so you can cradle and have a ball in your stick)

mouth guard(to protect your teeth)

cleats you will also need a jersey with your team name on it.

There is goalie (one person who tries to save the ball from going into the net.), defense (two players who try to help the goalie), midfield(Two players who take draws to start and do a lot of running sometimes score goals.), attack (one person who gives light and scores goals.)

Rules you can’t go into the goalie’s half circle. And you can’t stand in the 8 perimeter unmarked.  Those are some of the rules. You can start of with a clinic  then you can find a team. You will have a practice and a games.Hope you liked my post!


Do you like sing ,dancing and being on stage? If you do, you should try acting! I love acting because it is A LOT of fun. You know when you watch T.V with real people? That’s acting! It is AWESOME! If you live near Exeter, New Hampshire  you should go to Musical Arts! It has hip hop, ballet and more! It also is the YMCA. You should really try acting!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        -Sophie

All about me

Hello, my name is Sophie. I like to act and play soccer and lacrosse. I love school. I also really like homework. I am nine years old. My mom tells doctors what to do
with the tubes of their heart. My dad owns  Seacoast United. My dad is English. I also have a brother. I travel a lot. Thanks for reading. I also have cats.
List of places I’ve been:
Cape Cod, Massachusetts