Who I admire and a poem

I admire a boy called Justin. He is nice to me and he passes to me in football. I also admire a girl called Vera. She has a beautiful voice and she’s nice, a great soccer player and a great friend. Also Max and Javey. They are great friends. They also are some of my best friends. Just today they waited for me to play tag with them and I love to play with them. They are really great friends. Also a girl called Piper. She calls  me the nicest girl in the world, she helps me, she hugs me. She is a really good friend.



A poem about a mermaid

teal and shiny

bright and tiny

listens to a shell the ocean whispers short and

relaxing sounds

long hair in the front short in the back

glass and happy

made of tea


Winter wonderland

My favorite part of December is seeing my elf on the shelf. Her name is Emily. She wears earrings silver ones. She writes to me. Last night I made a picture and a letter and threw it in the fireplace.  I’m lucky my mom never puts on a fire in there! In the morning, she was there but the letter moved. She was leaning on it with her leg presed against the glass. Last night I prayed for her to come. Another thing I like about Christmas is when I open my presents in my pajamas. I also love going to my Aunt and Uncle’s house to celebrate with my family. Christmas Eve is awesome too. Some years we have a party.

Rudolph come here!

So Rudolph how did it feel when the reindeer called you names?


I can’t understand you. Santa come here please!

He said he felt alone, and scared, and sad.


He said he loved to play games but they wouldn’t let him. And then they found out I was really good and then they wouldn’t stop fighting over him.


what did he say now?

Nothing he was just going mmmm! He feels offended, lets go .

Go anyway see if I care! But please put me on the nice list. My mommy will be mad!  (Rudolph sticks his tongue out at Us.) NEXT!!!

Hi dasher

So where do you get your name? Are you the  fastest Reindeer?

No, I’m the slowest and the laziest.

But your name is Dasher.


I know. rude! I will take this one.

(takes megaphone) NEXT!!


I am a snowman now. I only get to be one for a day before the magic wears off. What’s your favorite part of being a snowman?


We don’t do much here besides make fun of people. That’s really the only fun we get to do. We only have one exciting thing here…

really, what? When you leave.

Well that’s not very nice. boo ho waaa!! 2 minutes later ‘glitter glitter everywhere!’ ( he is throwing glitter around.) ‘uhh. Are you kidding me next thing he is going to pull out a unicorn and a rainbow.’ (He pulls out a rainbow and a unicorn) ‘Ahaaa!’ GOOD BYE NICE SNOWMAN GOOD BYE T.V MMMWA I LOVE YOU!!! Ooo kay. Um next oh right that meanie toke my megaphone. MOMMY!


My winter poem




family time

snow days

snow ball fights


hot coco

jackets and ear muffs and snow suits

by: Sophie

Talent show

Hay! Tonite is the talent show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am singing shallow from a star is born with my friend Landon at Landon’s learning  he is one of my BEST friends. Don’t leave now freeze unfreeze I am dressing up as LADY GAGA!!!!!!!!!!! he s dressing up as Bradly Cooper . It is at Winnacunet high school if you want to stop by. My favrote part is the whoo. I’m gona hit those notes where it hurts.  By hope you in joyed!



Secret friend

Today we are going to start something called secret friend.  You draw a stick with one of your classmates’ names on it out of a cup. And you make a craft or a picture also a book or any piece of writing  that describes your friend in a positive way. This is REALLY secret not like the spspspspspspsp in someone’s ear. Then at the end you hand it to them. You also wrap it. MAKE SURE NOT TO PUT YOUR NAME ON IT! Hope you enjoyed


My Friday and Saturday

On Friday…

I had foot sail. Foot sail involves lots of runing. It’s like soccer. You play it with your team but you play it on a basketball court and the ball is heavy so it won’t lift FROM THE GROUND.   sorry lost control there so that’s foot sail for you. BUT THE BALL KEEPS MOVING AND MOVING AHHHHHHHH! What I’m trying to say is that it is VERY tiring. I got two goals! BOOYA! Then I went two my little brother’s soccer game. My Dad’s the coach this year so I got to sit on the bench. I also got a hot dog. One of the kids on the team is really nice.  He likes to talk. He’s well behaved. His name is Lucus. My little brother is AMAZING too. We went home and went to bed.

On Saturday…

We had two siblings over that were our friends. Grahme  is friends with James. They are both in first grade. Sophia and I play soccer on two teams together Sting and Seacoast  and we play lacross together for Riptide. We played and played then Alec our neighbor came over. Then we played and played with him too. Then it was time for James’s flag football game. We took Alec and Sophia. We got milkshakes. I gave Sophia 5 dollers to spend to play games we had fun because I disided to play the moter sicle game Sophia did the same. We went over to Alec and belles house I sang shallow for them Then we went home because we had a baby sitter! James has a friend called David he’s sweet to and Davids sister yoused to go to our school she yoused to give me a hugs. We watched dumb and dumber. We played on her phone and ate a peace of candy and a snack. Then we went downstairs and played girls vs boys soccer game. We switched goalies we did it so it was brother and sister vs brother and sister we didn’t do it on purpos. then we played a flag football game. then they had to leave. That’s my Saturday.

Hope you enjoyed.