Best Dismissal ever!

On Monday I got dismised. I was very confused because I never get dissmised. It was in the middle of math. So I got my stuff and went up the stairs to the office. It was a really fun suprise but my mom wouldn’t even tell me in the car. Blitz is part of it. Guess guess guess. Ok so we had some best friends/ neighbors. But they moved to New York. We walked in and they were standing at the doorway! We got to jump up and down with them for a whole hour.  Then we went back to school so Alec could see some of his friends and then I preformed my hip hop dance! And then we came back to my house and wrestled. Finally we went out for pizza with Isla and Reace / the baby’s. It was a really fun day plus they are staying until Thursday!

The end of basketball

It is the end of basketball! I really love basketball! I also love my coach. His name is Mr .Needham. We had to split up our team because we have too many players. So we played against each other for the last game. It was so very close.  We lost     8-9! First we took a team photo. Then we left and went to eat pizza. There were juice boxes and fun. I had a big cookie but I was only allowed to eat half. It was chocolate chip. I never want to stop playing!

My trip to London

On December  26 at 4:00 a.m we got up, got dressed, and got in the car. we were off like a bullet in the early morning headed to the airport. I was really excited, pumped and happy.  I was ready to conquer the day! We got to the airport and we had the PERFECT SPOT! right in front of our gate! We got food and went went to the gate and ate. Then we got on the plane. I watched a movie about royal dogs. I had to take a nap, so I just thought about how much fun I would have when we got there. We still had two hours left in the plane ride so I just chilled. It took a while once we landed to get off the plane.  We tried to get a subway type thing but that DIDN’T  work out, so we just decided to get a taxi. We stood right infront of McDonalds but we didn’t go in. So we got our taxi.  It took a WHILE  to get there. We finally got there and two of the kids were asleep, but that night we met Lulu and Quinn. Quinn is an 11 year old boy. Lulu is a 13 year old girl. We were watching Liverpool ( our fav soccer team.) We went to bed quietly. The next morning I met Harper and Be ( Be is short for Beatrix.) Harper is an 8 year old girl. Beatrix is a 5 year old girl who’s got a sense of humor. Me and Harper were watching people do epic fails and get hurt and we were saying how not right it is that they new it was going to happen because they caught it on camera. We did a lot of things while we were there. Like ride the Eye and see Big Ben.  It was under construction while we were there. We went to a four floor toy store. We got a hand controled drone. I got lost but I knew what to do! I moved to the stairs and waited and soon enough someone came for me. Then we played at their house. We played at their house a lot. We played a lot of soccer.We also walked on the Tower Bridge and the London Bridge. We saw a palace. But that was like the one time they didn’t switch guards. We tried to get tickets to see the jewels but the man was nice enough to say ‘You probably won’t get to see anything.’   That is my trip to London!

Valentine’s day!

Valentines day is a day of hearts and love. There is Cupid who shoots arrows at people and the next person they see they fall in love with. We make cards and have celebrations. It’s a day of chocolate and love. People make cards to show they appreciate other people. By the way Valentine’s day is this Friday. Bye. Hope you celebrate!




At school I can help my friends feel better if they’re upset, I can help Mrs.Eaves carry the math stuff to tables.  I can help kids with work at school.  I. can give compliments  and pay attention.

That is what I can do to be nice. If you are nice once, it can spread around the world. What can you do to be nice? Just think for a minute. Be nice. Just think you can make the whole world nice! It starts with you!

My story by: Sophie this story is based on me

Once there was a girl called Sofia. Sophia LOVED to play sports with the boys along with her friend Victoria. They liked to play basketball, soccer, football. The only part they disliked was how much arguing and screaming there was. One day they talked about it in class. They realized all they had to do was ask the boys to stop shouting at each other and just play the game. So they promised the next time someone was yelling they would use an  I  message as in “I  feel sad when you_ can you please stop?”  And it worked they stopped. They apologized and said they wouldn’t do it again. The end

Thailand by:Sophie

Greetings. My name is Sophie. I am studying Thailand. You might be from Thailand. If you are, please leave a comment. I have some questions… I learned if you say a word it can be different word depending on how you say it. Have you ever messed up and said the wrong word? What is your favorite food? Are there lots of popular foods? We have a sport kind of like the ones you play where you can’t use your hands or arms only your feet and you have to get the ball over the net. We have one exactly like that except you can only use hands and arms we call it volleyball. Can you tell more about sports and games that are popular in Thailand? What is your favorite part of living in Thailand? From what I am learning it seems there are lots of exciting things to visit and see like the Tiger Temple, and riding in boats made of bamboo, or going to the floating market. Please send some information about Thailand.

Best wishes, Sophie. P.s if you are wondering what I look like look at my all about me post Bye!