Part 2 Of Super Group!

‘What you guys,’ said Aiden.

‘Aiden you are jumping up and down,’ said Emily.

‘I know,’ said Aiden.

‘No I mean REALLY high,’ said Emily.

‘AHHHHHH,’ said Aiden. ‘HELP MEEEEE,’

‘We can if you stop screaming and not let anybody find out about your super power,’ said Rosie.


‘We have them too,’ said Rosie.

‘We will tell you more later but now we have to get you down,’ said Emily. So they figured out how to get him down they were sitting down trying to think when it happened. Then it was time to go back to the hotel.

At the hotel they had Aiden come to their room and they explained everything. Now Aiden was happy, but that will not be the only time his powers happen during this vacation. Since they don’t know how his powers happened they have no idea when they will occur again. But they have to keep him hidden just in case.

The next day they went to the beach.  They had their own cabana and their moms went to get them milkshakes.

‘ I want strawberry,’ they both said. ‘Ha ha!’ they laughed. Then once their moms left they they turned on the T.V to see what was on. Aiden started jumping again. ‘Oh no,’ he said.

‘We have to get him down,’ yelled Emily.

‘Ya,’ said Rosie.

‘Wait,’ said Rosie, whenever our moms are not watching, that’s when he starts jumping again.’

‘Oh ya,’ said Emily. “but now we have to figure out how to stop it.’

‘Kids milkshakes,’ shouts Rosie’s mom.

‘One sec,’ shouts Emily.

‘HELP’ yells Aiden.

‘We will get you down but keep quiet!’ said Rosie. After 2 minutes they gave up and started playing with cards. Aiden joined in. ‘

I know how to stop his power!’ Emily said ‘whenever we are doing something calm he stops jumping!’

‘You’re right,’ exclaimed Rosie. Another mystery solved!

Would You Rather Go To A Water Park Or Go Skiing

I would rather go to a water park because there are so much fun things and slides to go on! It is a great place to be courageous. I love Water Country because it is close and AWESOME! It is a great place to take house guests! We usually take our cousins or our parents friends like my dad’s best friend from England they also brought there kids Jasmin and Jared. They are both older then us but we didn’t care! Once in Great Wolf Lodge I went on a ride where the floor dropped. I was petrified! I love water parks!

Here Is What I Was For Halloween 👻

For Halloween I was Hermione from Harry Potter. I borrowed a costume from Piper at Piperslearning. I love the book series and the movies. Hermione LOVES school and she is always trying to keep the boys out of trouble. Hermione is very smart and spends most of her time in the library. She can be a little bossy sometimes but is kind and sensitive. She likes to fight for what’s right and she cares about her friends. I wore a Hogwarts cloak and I think I had a normal shirt under it. I had a Great Wolf Lodge wand. Mine broke so I had to use James’. My mom made a bunch of braids in my hair the night before Halloween after I toke a shower. And the day of trick or treating I just put all the brades in a pony tail. At night I took them out and my hair was curly! Comment on your costume for Halloween. Here is a picture of Hermione them me below Hermione. The first one is Hermione through the ages. The second is the Hermione I drew. I love Hermione and if you are a Harry Potter head comment below! Hermione in the movies is played by Emma Watson. This is Hermione through her Hogwarts years. I love Hermione don’t you!

Hello People From England

Hello people from England. I have a few questions and a few comments, speaking of comments please comment down below. How long did it take to build the London and the tower bridge? Also how long did it take to build the eye? Can the London Underground get confusing? Now time for the comments,  my dad is English so we have been before. We have also been to a Liverpool game. What is your favorite soccer team? We have walked on the Tower and London Bridge. We have ridden on the Eye. What is your favorite English candy? We stayed at the hotel where the Titanic was built. Have you been to the Harry Potter Museum? I LOVE Harry Potter! That’s all I have so please comment down below


I am keeping up with homework. To me this is very sad. It’s school but without your school friends! And for me teachers! I miss you guys! Especially teachers the most! Hope to see you all soon!

My Favorite Sport And Why

My favorite sport is soccer. I love soccer because you can get your energy out and have fun! There are lot’s of different positions for you to play like striker: the person who stays the closest toward the other team’s net and scores a LOT of goals! It is one of my favorites. Or you could play Midfield: You are the one moving the most and shift where the ball is. There are 3 different types of midfield: right mid and left. Defense: You help the goalie defend the net but you still can’t use your hands. This is my favorite position because it can get my energy out. Last but definitely not least Goalie! I play Goalie sometimes and I love it well it depends who the team is because I don’t want to be sitting in net all game but don’t literally sit down. You are the only person who can use there hands. You save your teams net by defending the goals. The team to have the most goals at the end is the winner! Soccer is awesome, cool, and fun!

Jonathan, The Boy Who Could Only Say Yes

There was a boy named Jonathan who could only new one word, YES!! It can have it advantages and it’s disadvantages. One disadvantage is that once his friends found out they were good about it and promised not to take advantage. But than a bully showed up and made them tell his secret. But even though he only knew one word he still knows how to control himself. When he was little he was learning words but the teachers, parents, and just any people who were trying to help his vocabulary had to go do something else. He was then too old and people didn’t have time to do one on ones. Then he just never learned. Another bad thing is that you always get tests wrong. But he still knows how to do stuff even though his words say he doesn’t. He is actually very smart but he just can’t say it.