There was a girl called Violet. Vilote had disabilities. Everyone underestimated her, but the girl did have a dream… to become a soccer player.  w

What no ‘sorry just trying to make it more fun.’ ‘we have an audience.’ ‘Sorry I’m Nick the fun oen.’ ‘No I’m way more fun.’ ‘ You call studying a dictionary  fun?’  ‘EXACTLY  it’s EXHILERATING!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m Ned and we sell nectorines in Nigeria. You may remember us from the last book. Her real dream was to become a rocket launcher!


Evreyone treats me like a baby. Even my best friend! I try to play four square, but they say it’s too dangerous. They might knock my wheelchair over blah blah . My voice is diffrent so what, they say my voice is weird. so my brain is really diffrent


Today I am twenty two. My parents said they had a special surprise for me. We’re here ‘AAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ We’re at my dream job! We got you a job here. Really!? Best parents  ever!!!! In school she always got the best grades but here she’s the smartest! She launched 100 rockets without crashing! Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do. What a great story made me tired ‘yhaan!’ NITE!!!

Talent show 2


On Friday we went to the talent show but let’s rewind a little bit. I got into my dress and after we had Landon over to practice and play. Then he left. We ate dinner quickly. I got into my dress and put on fancy head band. Then my Mom put a little bit of make up on me.  I made a picture for Landon but I forgot it at home. Then we left. I was a little bit nervous and a little bit excited.

When I got there some of my friends had gotten there before me. Then Mrs. Eaves came and we all went up to hug her.  I went back stage. I tried to calm my friends.  The talent show took FOREVER to start.(which didn’t help my case) Finally, it started. We were up fifth! We went next to the stage one act before our turn. What I loved is the eighth grade did something that had to do with someone’s act to introduce it. Tell me something boy.  Sorry still in the zone. I started with my back turned. I hit the high notes. Some people said I did great!!

Every act was good especially the teachers.  They did  song and dance number to We’re All In This Together!  First it started off with everyone showing their hobbies. There was a jaguar and skateboarding. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then James’s friend Harper came and she gave me a ROSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It made my day! Harper is so wonderful and kind and sweet. I used to go teach their class if we didn’t have school and she used to sit on my lap!

At the talent show, the people preforming get assigned front row seats. Hope you enjoyed my experience at the talent show.  Here is a picture of me hitting the high notes that I made.




On Saturday it was a peaceful day.  We started the day  with just relaxing.  I created a spa in my room.  I had people pay me for money to spend at  England. We also went to my cousin’s soccer game. We threw the football.  We got name tags so we could go into a tent. I got hot chocolate with marshmallows, whipped cream and M & M’s. My cousin, Jack, goes to Philips Exeter. We watched the game. It was a good game. I got pom pom’s and I cheerleaded with chocolate all over my face! They tied 1-1. There were flag people on the other side. I called him Flag Dude. He made me MAD!!!!!! We had a flag dude to but we had a tiny flag. We used our school cheer. I  don’t know what we were saying but ours is 1 WE ARE THE JAGUARS 2 LITTLE BIT LOUDER 3 I STILL CAN’T HEAR YOU MORE MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and over and over. After the game was over we lost JAMES!!!!! But my Dad found him. We ate chili and I got to have another hot chocolate. We played on the playground and left. I was freezing. That was my day for ya




Kindness feels AMAZING!!!! It feels like you have a friend and when you give kindness you really do have a friend. But sometimes it can be VERY hard! It means to not say hurtful words or do hurtful things. not laughing at someone when they get hurt and helping people if they need it.  It messed standing up for someone. My mom had a friend who has a son his name is Ryen we call him ry ry he usually gives a hi five  but a couple days ago he gave me a hug and shouted SOPHIE it made my day! hear are some of my friends.





Guess what!!!!!!!

Guess what we’re going to do? WE’RE GOING TO ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!! Our flight is at 7:00 am and we live an hour away from the air port. 6 hours to get there and 7 back. then we get on a train for 2 hours. Then we check into our hotel, get dressed into nice clothes (not airport clothes)  then we go to the LIVERPOOL GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We sit in the executive box and watch the game. After the game, we go out to dinner. Then we go back to the hotel and go to bed.



there’s more but we don’t know  yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!





My weekend

On Friday I went to my little brothers soccer game. They won by a LOT!! I  got to play games. Then we went out to WYME. It was REALLY good! I got a hot dog wrapped in a pretzel  and fries. Then we went home and watched dumb and dumber . It was HILARIOUS!!! We got to watch it while eating candy!! Then we had to go to bed. We woke up. We watched a show in my parents bed. Then we went to my brother’s playoff flag football game. Every time it’s the playoffs he throws up. My aunt came (the best in the WORLD). He lost but we got hot chocolate. Then we went home and chilled. Then we went to my cousins soccer game. They won by A LOT too. My dad’s college roommate / best friend was there and brought his son Calum to play with my little brother James / best brother ever!!!   Then my cousin went with his friends and all of us went out to dinner at margaretas. I got to get a soda. the kids got there own table (even though there was only three of us) we ate three boals of chips!  Then I ate my casadia played on my dads phone I got some mints and we left. yhaaaannn The next day I went to my moms soccer game. My mom made me a tent and I watched fuller house then we went to my last out door game in LANCASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! We warmed up we diden’t have as much people then we played happily  comfotable in the sun on our last outdoor game in Lancaster. we lost but we tried  and we left. We were saposed to go to a Azores reuonin  but we chilled when we got home James had a friend over me and Landon practiced for the talent show. We are singing shallow. Hope you injoid. THE END.


Do you like to run, kick, and get your energy out?! Well you should try soccer! Here are the POSITIONS:  (goalie) person on the field who tries to save the ball.  If you pass to the goalie, they can only use there feet. The goalie is the ONLY one who can use their hands. (defense) two people who help the goalie. No chicken wings – have your arm against your body trying to force them to the outside. Defense can’t use your hands. (midfield) people who play everything and mostly get passed to by the defenders. (striker) Person who does kick, of also stays high and scores goals. IF THE BALL GOES OUT OF BOUNDS. If  the other team kicks the ball out you pick the ball up over your head and through. Just remember keep both KEEP on the ground!! (Defense) always takes the throw in’s)  How to strike the ball is a big  deal too. You can either strike the ball with your laces or the inside of your foot. Striking is when you hit the ball with your foot. It also can be used to score a goal. A goal is a point that helps you get points and win! If you keep winning you can play  in the finals and win a medal. A medal is a certain type of reward.  A referee helps you follow these rules.  There is a coach who gives you pep talk and can tell you what you can do better. There are subs and that’s when you can take a  break and have some water and come back better than ever! I have the BEST  ever JILLIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hoped I encouraged you to play soccer!!

The tale of the first day of school

Once opon a time like all stories go.  Don’t you think it should go some other way, like once upon a fiction?  Well let’s get back the story shall we? I’m Nick.  I’m Ned.  We sell nectarines in Nigerea. Well, here we go again . Once upon a time there was a girl called Porto. She lived in Portugal.  She has a lot of friends but one problem.  She doesn’t know how to speak American. She’s tried everything five hunrded times LITERALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s even tried all the learning apps. ‘pixie fffii’


“Uhhh,” she said miserably on her apartment deck because she couldn’t afford a house. (She lived on the top floor.) Her mom came over (she did not have a dad)

“Hey, isn’t her mom a super hero?”


“Oh fine.” Her mom came over and said…

“Are you ok?”

“Ya,” she said sarcastically.

“Ok were moving to New York in an apartment.”

“WHAT!!!!!!!!!!” she cried. “I am staying in Portugal  where I belong!”

“We’re going tomorrow so pack up.”(back round)

Honk Honk!! “Hey I’m driving here! Ok, honey we’re at you new school.”

“Bye, love you.”

“Love you more!”

“Hello Porto, I’m Mr.Shine. Lets meet the class.”


“Evreyone this is Porto.  She is from Portugal.


Porto burst out of the room crying. She sat in the hall leaning on her locker crying snuggling her lovie. Her teacher came into the hall and said…”Do you wan’t me to go talk to them.”

“No,” said Porto.

“Why don’t you go talk to the class?”

“Ok,” said Porto. “Class I don’t like it when you treat me like rotten garbage.”

“And why should we listen to you?”


“Whooo hooo!  Go Porto yhaaa!!!!” And from that day on Porto got treated better than GOLD.  She got treated as a friend!

“Play with me.”

“No me.”

“Choose me.”


On Halloween  I was Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. On Halloween my family does not give out candy, we let you cook your own marshmallow and have a smor’e. The adults can have fancy adult drinks. I went with my friend Vera. One house gave out comics with BIG candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a lot of candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Do you like Halloween?