My Math 2

Today I did a equation with chocolate, and I am going to tell you the fact family’s. But I can only do two because I am working with the same numbers.

I know this is 6×6 because there is 6 down word and 6 across so that makes it 6×6. Here are my fact family’s


36/6=6 and that is my math! BYE!

My scavenger hunt adventure

On my scavenger hunt adventure the first question was, find something that makes me happy. What makes me happy is music but you can’t pull music out of thin air so I chose my Excellence In Theory music book Music theory, Ear training, and History workbook by Ryan Nowlin and Bruce Pearson.

The next question is find somthing to give to someone else to make them smile, I chose my kindergarden egg I made at webster.

The next question is find something you love to smell, I chose my scents from my bath bomb making kit, they are vanilla, lavender, gardenia, and rose also my mom’s candle that is scented pink sands.

The next thing is enjoy to look at, I chose pictures of me when I was little like 1-5 years old.

The next question is find something that’s your favorite color, I chose my jelly ball. My favorite color is Magenta.

The next quetion is find something you are thankful for in nature, I chose trees because if we didn’t have them we wouldn’t be able to breath.

The next scavenger question was find something you can use to make as a gift, I chose a candle because I can decorate it.

The final scavenger hunt question was, find something that is useful for you, I chose the repeating staff.


My Math

For my math warm up questions I did four problems. Each were in a different part of math like divition subtraction multibication and addition. On 28 subtract 7 all you have to know is 8-7 = 1 then add the 2 infront of the one and that gives you your anwer.

Now we’ve got the problem 9×4= 36. All you have to do is 18+18. First do 8+8=16 then do 10+10=20 add them together and you got your anser.

Now 28 divided by 7= 4. All you got to do is count by 7 till you get to 28 and how many 7’s you counted gives you your anwer.

Now 9+4=13. So how I got thought was if your adding with 9’s you take a number from the one your adding to nine and make it a ten then add the rest.

My gratitude rock

I have a gratitude rock; it is sparkly, pretty, and cool. I love my gratitude rock because it looks like a crystal. My rock is cool, shiny, and pretty as it gleams in the sunlight. I show gratitude for my awesome, amazing, smily family. I show gratitude for my delishios, scrumpios, scrumdidalyumshus food in my caring home. I show gratitude for my amazing, awesome kind friends and teachers and family. I show gratitude for my home and all the amazing things in my life. I am very grateful!

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Storms form when warm air rises from below the floor that causes the vapor to rise into the clouds and evaporate. Each water droplet or ice droplet and ice crystal carries electricity. There are billions of water and ice droplets. It takes five seconds for the sound of thunder to travel a mile. Hot air electricity forms lighting and lightning forms sound waves. Light travels fast so it would take two seconds to get to the moon. If you are in a car stay in there! The electricity of lightning can travel through the car but not you! A thunderstorm can rip off the wings on a plane. Planes can be turned upside down. Water vapor cools in a cloud. A storm cloud can be ten miles high. Cold air falls from the cloud and at the same time water is evaporating up into the cloud.

Here are 4 types of thunderstorms:


multi-cell is a cluster of storms

Squal line- a line of storm hundreds of miles long

Supercell- most intence storm it is also capable of Tornados.

I can’t belive it! If you’re in my class I recommend you look away!

I can’t belive it school will be closed till at least May 4th! My Mom said she doesn’t think we’re going back this year. I am talking with Mrs. Eaves about a class Zoom call. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s kind of like a face time call with lot’s or little amount’s in it; let’s hope for it to happen so we can all see each other.

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My listening walk around the house

On my listening walk I heard two or three different types of birds chirping ‘twit twit twit’. I heard the crunching of the snow beneth my feet ‘ crunch crunch crunch’. I also heard the sounds of wonderful, wet, cold water dropping off my wet roof, ‘ drip, drip, drip. The sounds of the workers music ‘da da da.’ I am grateful for the birds sounds because that is how they communicate with each other. I am grateful for the snow because we can still have all the winter fun but maybe in warmer weather. I am grateful for the rain drops because without them the water cicle wouldn’t happen.I am grateful for the music because that’s how the workers do there best.

That is why I am grateful for all the sound’s.

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I am grateful for my family because…

I am grateful for my family because they’re always there for me when I’m sad. For instance, yesterday I was feeling sad. When my mom saw me upset me and my dad talked and sorted it out. So that also means my family is understanding. Have you ever had a problem and then talked it out and then felt better! I am grateful for my family because they cook dinner for me, they also pay for everything. I am very grateful for my amazing, spectacular, splendid family in my wonderful home in the sunlight. My family’s names are James (7 years old), (Me 9 years old), (my Mom 43 years old), (Dad 45 years old).

Hurricanes This story is fiction

Once there was a girl playing outside in her beautiful backyard, her name was Rosie; she was playing with her great, awesome, spectacular friends Emmy and Grace. All of a sudden Grace yelled ‘Those are Cumulonimbus clouds!’ ‘Oh no,’ yelled Rosie. ‘We have to get inside,’ said Emmy. So the girls ran for the door then they heared somebody on the radeo saying ‘ there has been a hurricane warning in Atlanta-,’ the girls didn’t hear the rest because they were to busy trying to open the door ‘ Oh no’ thought Rosie, she just remembered that her parents always lock the door when they leave. ‘And they will be gone for five days,’ thought Rosie She could see the key on her beautiful marble counter top. She lived where the hurricane was coming. At least it wouldn’t come for a couple days. She would have time to pack her stuff, but she couldn’t get inside to pack anything because her door was locked same with all the windows and every possable way to get into the house finally she worked up the courage to say that to her friends. She was so nervous and she didn’t have any kind loyal, nice neighbors to stay with.

‘What am I going to do,’ thought Rosie.

To be continued.