Super Group!

I am sure you all remember my last book, Super Friends, this is a similar story.

Chapter One

One day Emily and Rosie were playing a board game in there super power. It is summer vacation.  They were in a hotel. Their moms took them to in Aruba. They had a separate room from their moms. Emily’s little brother Aiden was bunking with their moms.  “Girls, time to go to the Splash Park,” called their moms. The girls were already in their bathing suits.

“I can’t wait to see it!”said Rosie. Rosie’s bathing suit was covered in puppies! Emily’s was covered in rainbows.

“Let’s go!” yelled Emily’s mom as she threw open the door.

Chapter two

They got to the water park! It was a dream come true! “Let’s go,” said Rosie.

“Wait, did you put on sunscreen?” asked Rosie and Emily’s moms together. “YES,” said Rosie and Emily together. “LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Emily’s brother did a big jump, but it was too big for a 6 year old.  It was more like a frog. Emily and Rosie’s mouths dropped. “Hey Aiden, come here!”





Lion And The Mouse Moral

I think the moral is Lion And The Mouse was even though little things seem they can’t do anything they actually pay back when you need them most. I learned that even the smallest things can have big hearts.  The Lion And The Mouse was about a mouse who thought it would be fun to play on the lion when he was sleeping. The lion woke up and was going to eat the mouse but he put her down when she said ‘I will repay you.’ And the lion thought that was so funny he put her down. A few days later the lion was walking around and some hunter people set up nets, and the lion got caught in one and the mouse saw and went to save him. So the mouse chewed threw the ropes when the hunters went to town to get a truck so they can get the lion out of there. And then the mouse became prince!


What Makes A Mystery A Mystery

One thing that makes a mystery a mystery is Red Herrings. They are distractions for the detective. Another thing that makes a mystery a mystery is a case. The detective needs a case to solve, like, all the capital letters are missing! That is a case for the detective to solve. To make a mystery you need suspects, those are people who could’ve commited the crime or case but to find that out you need clues, they are bits of the mystery that help the detective solve the case. Clues can be place, time, people who were near the crime. Or there could be fingerprints, things out of place or anyone who looks shady or mysterious.

Those are some things that make a mystery!

Harris Burdick

I am going to tell you what I wonder about a picture he drew

There was a picture with a man holding a chair up with a boy under the rug, was the man going to hit him with it? What was the man doing there? Where did Harris go? What did that man do for a living, was he a robber? The picture Harris drew was kind of scary.

Tell if you have any questions about this picture too!


Aesop 3 part story

Aesop was important because he told story’s that didn’t hurt anybody’s feelings. He was very peaceful. He solved arguments using both of these.

Fables are important because you can tell stories from your point of you without people getting upset.

I wonder how long Aesop lived? I wonder what year he was born? I wonder when he was a slave did he make any friends?

Just click on the link to read Aesop.

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